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      subscriber RonC...
      From: elias3013@xxxyyy.com
      Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2008 3:21 PM
      To: Ron
      Subject: Status update

      Hi Ron
      Just wanted to update you on my power sweep(stak)ing progress. Before I ever signed on for the full power sweep(stak)ing, I did read everything on your site, all the tips and instructions and did download and used the low power file to enter some sweeps. I must commend you on the excellent program you have setup and manage on a daily basis. I can now do in minutes what it use to take me hours to do. What a time saver.
      You have certainly given me a time saver with your program and I appreciate it very much...
      ...Its excellent the way it is. Thanks very much again, when I hit one of the big ones I'll buy you lunch, just let me know the location of your favorite restaurant.

      Ron C


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