From: Ron Miller []
Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2005 6:20 PM
To: Powersweepstaking Subscriber
Subject: Powersweepstaking Desktop Configuration

Ok, we'll call this Desktop #1
Notice 5 parts we are concerned with the position of:
a) Browser #1 a.k.a. the inactive browser (top browser with top edge of browser showing)
b) Browser #2 a.k.a. for this shot the active Browser (bottom browser all of it shows)
c) The Powermarks Program (mine is full, yours soon will be)
d) Email program (this could really be any program that you feel important to have
running along with you powersweepstaking, some may like chat, etc.)
e) The desktop, important area because this is where I'll place icons to other important
sweep programs, a note pad, my referral list etc.
Now in this picture important to note is the position of all elements.
Browsers come 3/4 of the way across the screen, the top browser has about an inch showing
on the very top, and as we will see when browser #2 becomes inactive we will have about an inch
at the bottom to see it.
any questions? send email and subject it Desktop #`1

Desktop 2
I've clicked on the Powermarks Program, it becomes Active and comes to the top of the confusion... ugh
I mean desktop...
At this point we double click on the first sweepstake in the list and up, and I do mean up... it should be an
automatic that desktop 3 occurs.  The browser should just Pop up on it's own, load the sweep into Browser
any questions? send email and subject it Desktop #`2

Desktop #3
Do not enter immediately, if this is the page that has the form, but since this is just the form enter button
we'll click that to take us to the form.... REASON: Some Sweepstakes prohibit auto entry, and if this was
a form, and we let roboform fill it in, and click submit all in 3-4 seconds, there is no better indicator to
a sponsor when they check the logs that they have a complete submittal in 3 seconds that this individual
must be using an auto-enterer, and we are not, we visited the site, we are on the page, we have just
learned how to do it faster then everyone else, when a whole form
had to be filled out.... avoid this,  let any forms sit, until we've finished up with the other browser,
as a good 10-12 seconds later we'll come back to this browser, because I'm sure you could fill or type a form in 10 to 12 sec's and That should pass any sponsors litmus test for auto enterers,
so what I mean by this is now lets click the top  of the top browser, and let the Nabisco form load and fill with roboform while we concentrate on the other browser,
any questions? send email and subject it Desktop #`3

Note: see when we click on the top browser we can still see the bottom of browser #2, that's for quick return
to that browser when we need to.  Now lets say, I just started my sweeping session and I had been reading
the online version of the New Yorker, but now it's time to Powersweep, so we will by having this browser
active, double click on the next sweep in the list on Power marks and it should almost immediately show
powermarks on top and then browser 1 again without stopping at Powermarks.  Now if you'd like you could
have clicked say an area above the list of sweeps in powermarks, gone to the program and read the url, the
name of the contest, any comments I have about the contest(and yes sometimes there will be answers to
trivia and stuff, not promising, but if I know it I'll put it there; any comments I have about a contest will be
in Capital Letters along with the name of the contest.... Really the only column you need to concern yourself
with is the name, and the rank of the contest.... I'll touch on this another time what rank exactly means, between
4 - 10 .... but now back to the desktop....
any questions? send email and subject it Desktop #`4
by double clicking the next contest in the powermark list this
GE contest comes up
quick, and no form on this page, so we will go ahead and play the game and go all the way to a form...
short form fill it in and submit, long form then head back to browser #2.... HOW??? clicking the bottom
of it, but lets say for now this is a short form contest, fill it in, click submit and wait for the
Results page.  ALWAYS check the results page... I have been caught, especially when using an autofiller
where the autofiller doesn't fill the year or something and the results page usually will say so, but check
results page for positive feedback.  Once you have the results page, double click the next contest in the list
which would be contest #3 and while that's loading, head on back to the Nabisco page browser... HOW???
clicking the bottom of it.  Remember access to browser #1 and #2 is so much quicker when you have
that inch at the bottom for one browser and an inch at the top for browser #2.
any questions? send email and subject it Desktop #`5

Here we are at Destop #6 and it's still on the enter button page..... hmmmm why....
cause you didn't wait for the resulting page before you went to the top and your
click on the Enter button didn't work, so do it all over again... If you had clicked successfully
the enter button, the resulting form would be filled in, survey the form, make sure everything
is filled in correctly and click submit.... NOW WAIT FOR THE RESULTS PAGE (I have taken
the time to Rank pages based on both value and server response, anything ranked 10, 9, 8
has quick server, at least in the daily entry section.  10 is highest ARV with quick servers, 9 is $100
to $1000 ARV with quick server response, and rank 8 has low ARV at $0 to 100 but a quick server,
so a quick entry.  Never in a 10, 9, or 8 will you find a sluggish server, or a contest that takes
any time to enter such as play a game, enter referrals, etc... I leave those to Rank 7, 6, 5... You'll get
a key for all this later before download time) Back to the desktop, wait for the results page to load, double
click the next contest down the list in powermarks and off this page goes to load the next entry, while it's
loading, where do you think we head next........ click the top of browser #1 view the filled in boxes, click submit,
results page, double click powermarks next contest down, let it load, and down to the bottom we go to click
on browser #2, it repeats, and repeats, entry after entry, and sometimes your at rates of 5-6 per minute.
Insane hourly rate of 300 per hour,  It can and will be done if you master this.... It will seem odd
and it will take a bit longer the first couple of days then it will day 3, 4 or 5, because you will need to
register yourself the first time you hit a contest, then day 2 is easy, login, enter, load, next browser, login, enter
load..... but day 1 and 2 registration as a new user will hamper speed... It will get quick.... much quicker then
day 1.
any questions? send email and subject it Desktop #`6
Coming later, one more email with the key to rankings in the different categories and how to read powerMarks
categories.... More in general about powermarks
Ron Miller 
You will do more entries each day, week and month = more wins in less time, no more searching or reading rules! 


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