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One factor that will make or break the success of YOUR winning sweepstakes, is the TOTAL number of entries vs. the number of times YOU entered!

Do you spend much of your available sweepstaking time organizing & searching for the next sweepstakes entry? Are you new to sweepstakes and haven't quite figured out, how to organize or find new sweepstakes? provides all of the sweepstakes you will ever need, every day! We do all of the organizing even scheduling your next entry for multiple entry competitions. There's no more searching, no more reading rules, no organizing, no adding or deleting sweeps from websites or lists of sweeps. Every day, today's current sweepstakes entry forms are provided direct to your browser. With the aid of an auto form filler, you simply click submit entry form after entry form. For as long as you wish to enter sweepstakes on any given day. You will enter hundreds of sweepstakes every day!

I was indeed featured in the TLC sweepstakes reality TV show "High Stakes Sweepers", initially aired in Aug. & Sept '11. It was most recently shown on Discovery's Fitness channel in 2013. In an effort to promote the show, I appeared on ABC's Good Morning America (see the clip here):

I appeared on ABC's 20/20 news show as well (here's that clip):



Discovery Channel's press release about the show spoke of me(Ron) in the 4th paragraph here:


     Join us as we talk about the show & sweepstakes entry strategies in our PowerSweeper community on Facebook, follow me on Twitter @sweepstaking or friend me on Facebook. TLC'S REALITY TV SHOW "HIGH STAKES SWEEPERS" Watch it for the first time or watch it again RIGHT HERE, RIGHT BELOW!

     Every "High Stakes" sweeper new or old to the hobby, will profit from using all of the tools found throughout the Powersweepstaking web site, the most up to date database of sweepstakes including a list of Sweepstakes with ONLY one day of entry (IT'S YOUR BEST ODDS TO WIN IMHO!!)

Do not leave your winnings to chance, you can virtually guarantee a wallet-stuffing month & year - every year - no matter the individual.

PRESS RELEASE: While Instructing Site Users “How to Win Sweepstakes,” Administrator Wins a Stunning Pepsi/Dub Publishing $50,000 Car (click to see the car)


July 11, 2013 Dayton Daily News, Feature story in Life Section (Click thumbnail to read the story)

Dayton Daily News July 11th, 2013 Feature story in Life Section

RADIO INTERVIEW: The Power of Sweepstaking;
The Canadian Contest Queen interviews our own admin. Ron Miller (click to listen)


Existing Subscriber's Listing Their Wins

FINALLY! After more than TEN YEARS of experimentation, discovery and refinement, this is an entire A-to-Z method for putting together month after month of consistent sweepstakes winning..

When You Learn The method behind Powersweepstaking:

Imagine entering more sweeps each day, in less time. You will feel the rush of clicking the 'Submit' button, then having a flood of wins come rushing into your inbox, and to your door!  A flood that will continue for days, weeks, months and years, all beginning within weeks from the start of your using the Powersweepstaking method of entry.

Have you ever wondered how to change your "worn out" entry process, leading you to burnout and dry streaks with no wins, into a method where you come to expect wins nearly every day. You will discover how to quickly & easily change your existing entry method into a proven winning entry method.

You will profit from sweepstakes wins like the winning elite; those individuals that always seem to be found on the winning lists throughout the Net.  We will take you "inside the cockpit", you'll go "behind the scenes", and on your first day you will be entering 1,000+ sweepstakes, then again any day you choose.

You will  learn how to gain an   "unfair-advantage".  

You will quickly master this process, making it  your own.  Designed so you feel comfortable taking breaks, entering now, some later and some at night when the children are asleep.  

From Ron Miller
(founder of the Powersweepstaking Method),
I will tell you … it is a huge thrill on those days I hit a home-run. A recent $50,000 win, which you can read more about here. Just 3 months prior to that, a $7,500 ATV win from Yamaha and


From: Beth Gregory []
Subject: Buckmasters Scavenger Hunt

Congratulations! You have won a Yamaha Grizzly ATV in the Buckmasters Scavenger Hunt!! I need to make sure I have your correct address. The address I have is:

From: Ron @ []
To: Beth Gregory
Subject: RE: Buckmasters Scavenger Hunt is ! it is! the correct address.... WoW!!!


This is an unbelievable win.... Wow...


Wow... Wow... Wow


anything you need... I'm here Thank you so much!

Ron Miller

Ron I am so excited for you!!  But we are going to need a little patience….the person here that deals with Yamaha is on vacation this week. BUT, as soon as she gets back she will either be mailing you, or faxing or emailing you an affidavit that will need to be signed. In the meantime, you will need to email me the name of your local Yamaha dealer.


Either I or Donna Gross will be in touch with you when she gets back from vacation and letting you know how this will be taken care of.


Please, if you have any questions or anything, feel free to email me. And don’t forget to email me the name of your local Yamaha dealer.






I've learned to be meticulous at organization, in order to gain results, it's key! This through an education and work background of 10 years as a microbiologist within Cancer Research at Ohio State University and their Radiobiology laboratories. Followed by 20+ years of direct Sales & Marketing experience with companies such as MacMillan & Grolier Publishing and my recently resigned position at a Michigan based ISP, The importance of remaining organized is unsurpassed within the science fields, sales and even winning sweepstakes.

Beth C. : "... I was just soooo excited about this new program you've offered I couldn't wait to get started. I've always been in awe of you and the prizes you win and have always wondered how you did it! I really appreciate all of the help/advice you've given me!! Here's wishing you many, many wins!!!! Thanks again!!! You've been wonderful!!!!!

Shock and amazement among friends and family whenever a new big win comes along.  In 2013 so far,  Grand Prizes have included a Cruise aboard Celebrity's Top Chef Cruise to Cozumel in April, $500 Gift Card to Red Robin Restaurants, $1,200 in formal wear sports coats, shirts and ties from, and the list is long for secondary prizes such as Target, Visa and Lowe's gift cards. 2012 & 2011 Grand Prizes included from a $500 Sony DSLR camera, a $440 wedding present for the daughter, $250 gift certificate to a furniture store, xbox360 console with Kinect, a $450 pair of headphones with four speakers in each ear(in each ear!) and many many more. In 2010 THREE all expenses paid trips to Myrtle Beach, Hawaii and Thailand in that order!

Suddenly nobody is telling me I am "crazy" and "wasting my time" on Internet Sweeps anymore.

Imagine the feeling of excitement when made contact with me and said I'd won the opportunity to race for 40 laps, actually driving(not sitting in the passenger seat) a Winston Cup Nascar race car against my wife and 10 others at the Dale Jarret Nascar Adventure

I'm even more excited when someone enters and wins a contest I may have posted on a message board or mailing list. As a natural extension to that effect, I am making my method, the Powersweepstaking entry method available to the public. A method of entering that can work for anyone.

Can ANYONE REALLY Have This Kind of Win Success?

YES! Simply, anyone who puts in time at the 2+ hour level or more of Powersweepstaking each day, can not help but win a significant higher amount then if they put in the same amount of time using any other process of entering

Of course, not everyone will actually take the actions necessary or follows the schedule or implements the recommendations...

Not everyone is going to have these types of results immediately, it is inherent within sweepstakes that contests and sponsors take quite a long time to notify winners and much depends on whether you are willing to put the strategies, tactics and processes recommended to direct use..

There is no one that this method of entry won't work for, if implemented as instructed. I don't want to be seen as a "dream merchant". I want you to get results. I want you to take this process, apply it to your entry schedule, and hit the ball out of the park. I am here personally to reply to any email inquiries as well as live help, do take advantage of either method for any assistance that might be needed.

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BONUS: Paid subscription allows users to forward to referral links for contests that earn free sweepstake entries as the replacement of the standard link used within the Powersweepstaking database.  First come first serve on links. Only available to 1/4, 1/2 and Full Power Subscribers, send all requests to with the following limitations:

No Affiliate or Voting links

1/4 Power can make 3 referral link requests per month,

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Full Power can make 5 referral link requests per month

If there has already been a referral request made for a link for a specific contest, it is on a first come first serve basis that will be implemented into the database upon our earliest convenience.

Leave, comeback whenever you'd like.  Everybody has different circumstances, from moving to burn out, etc.  Feel welcome to take a week, few weeks, a year off, we'll be glad to have you back when you're ready to continue power sweepstaking

You should be aware:

  • In order to obtain the full time savings in the powersweepstaking method and not be required to read rules of any contest you enter you must be 21+ and a USA citizen, preferably NOT in one of the sweepstake DQ states such as RI, or FL... Featured sweepstakes within Powersweepstaking will not take these states or other country citizenship into account.  All sweepstakes presented are open to 21+ and USA residents, some may have state limitations while others may be open to Canadian residents. Read the rules if you live in these special resident areas.
  • There are some software requirements for speed: an auto filler, you may have your own favorite, but I have found Roboform to be a personal favorite, and recommend it for use as it is a free download.
  • The database's daily schedule file for entering requires you to download and install the program called Powermarks. This is a shareware program and can be obtained at no cost from the login page. NO MAC or TABLET or CHROME BROWSER compatable version available.. Therefore we have developed for those users of MAC, TABLETS or CHROME an email format which contains every sweepstake, it's just delivered to your inbox and you enter from there!


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