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Welcome to our site about sweepstakes and other casino games. This site is made to help you to learn more about sweepstakes, bingo games and many other casino games that are part of nowadays gambling. You will learn the game’s basics and how to improve your gambling strategies before going into games deeply. All along, you will have the chance to find out why live dealer online casinos in the USA, UK and Canada are the best choice for a unique gambling experience. More on this at the following site.

What is Powersweepstaking

Sweepstakes games are a type of contest where you can win prizes to the products offered. They began as a form of lottery and nowadays are used for marketing purposes as marketing promotions to draw attention to new customers and reward the customers. Sweepstakes games are regulated in many countries and their rules depend on where the entrant lives. There are many giveaways to enter and win the product provided just with a simple question to answer.


Big Online Prizes

You can find sweepstakes games online that offer different types of prices just with entering the giveaway and other contests. They are available all the time as a marketing strategy to attract customers and to make stay the current ones. Here we provide you some of the big online prizes that sweepstakes games provide at the moment so you can enter:

  • Southwest – Take Flight Sweepstakes provides you packages that include trips to the provided location.

  • Hallmark Channel – Very Merry Giveaway gives you a chance to be a winner of 2020 Chrysler Pacifica that is worth $55.000.

  • Pepsi – Big Game Instant Win and Sweepstakes – is giving away a trip to Super Bowl Live in Miami. You just need to enter the contest.

  • Subway – Sam I Am Suitcase Surprise Sweepstakes provide you a trip to any of the places located in the United States just with entering the Subway contest.

  • Travel Channel – Give the Gift of Travel Sweepstakes – gives you a chance to be the potential winner of a cash prize worth $10.000

Where to Buy and How to Enter

According to the USA laws, it is illegal to buy something if you want to enter sweepstakes. It is not legal a sweepstake sponsor to force people who want to enter by purchasing products. Here we provide some steps of entering the sweepstakes games:

  • First, you need to find any sweepstake that you want to enter. Many internet websites provide you a chance of subscription or free entering by mail invitations.

  • Not all the sweepstakes are created with equal prizes. Choose what sweepstakes games provide you as a reward that you really want or need and then make the step of entering it.

  • Read the odds of winning well and see how big the chance of winning is. The sweepstakes game weekly duration is better than the monthly drawing.

  • Pay attention to the rules. If you do not follow the rules that a sponsor provides you, you cannot expect to be a winner of any of the rewards given. Most of them are simple, so do not avoid them if you want to win a prize.

  • Right answers. Some of the sweepstakes games require answering simple questions to be a potential winner of the price. Read the questions carefully and send the right answer.

  • Enter the sweepstakes as many times as possible. Most of them allow you to enter more than one time to maximize your winning. If there is not a limit of entering, try to enter as many times as possible.

  • Make your entry unique. Sometimes the correct answer is not the clue for winning a prize. Making your post or mail entry unique with emoticons and good speech can be noticed by the sponsor and make you a potential winner.

Online Bingo

Online bingo is a simpler form of the actual bingo cards because of the auto-dab option that provides the players an automatic check of the numbers of the other players’ cards. You can find many online casino websites that provide you a free sign-up and decide which room of bingo to play. When you find the right room, enter it and decide how many tickets you want to buy. The maximum of bought tickets is 120. Playing with a big amount of tickets can bring you to a bigger payout. One site that our staff really enjoys and that offers a significant number of casino bonuses and has exciting variants of bingo games can be found here.

Online Casinos with Sweepstakes

There are many online legal power sweepstakes casinos that provide you sweepstakes games by signing up on their online casino websites. After you sign up, as a winner you can purchase gold coins that have no monetary value, but you can use them to win jackpots or other prizes if you use them. As the many casinos offer no deposit bonuses and a welcome bonus, you can play for free and win real money. Here we provide you a list of online casinos with sweepstakes:

  • Chumba casino

  • Luckyland slots

  • Global poker

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How the Winners Are Chosen

The winners are chosen by random number. This way is the most common of choosing the winner. On the online casinos’ websites, the winner is shown in a small window that consists of a message that you have won some of the prices of the casino.

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