Powersweepstaking.com’s Updated Daily List of Sweepstakes: HOURLY OR UNLIMITED ENTRY

Sweepstakes hobbyists love to just browse and enter, so feel free to use this list for just that purpose everyday…. UPDATED DAILY!

Use this list for entry into sweepstakes that allow at minimum hourly entry with some unlimted entry! At Powersweepstaking.com you can visit additional category lists of sweepstakes every day; including daily entry, one time entry, kids only, weekly, monthly and many, many more (17 different categories). All categories are found by clicking here. These are lists every sweepstaker will profit from.

Powersweepstaking.com is much more then lists of sweepstakes. As a matter of fact, the actual powersweepstaking method of entry into sweepstakes revolves around a process of entering massive amounts of sweepstakes in as little time as possible. It’s an entry process that centers around a small bookmark program you download and install. All lists of sweepstakes such as the one presented below are loaded by you into the bookmark program from a single file you download each day.

This list below as well as ALL 16 other categories, are presented in such a manner you will have the ability to enter at rates of up to 200 sweepstakes an hour. The sweepstakes below and all others presented on this site, are exactly the same sweepstakes you will find in the free Powersweepstaking subscription, called low power.

Try it now! The login is easy, and anonymous. Simply download and install the two small programs in the download area of the login page. Do it now! Head on over to the login page, no sign-up, login anonymously, download the daily file, open the file in the Powermarks bookmark program and start entering all of TODAY’S sweeps in a much quicker fashion then ever before. (All instructions can be found in text files once you login).

Benefits of the powersweepstaking application over entering through lists like the one below, or email groups, web sites and message boards is the speed of entry and the organization.