Q: After downloading Powermark and Roboform how should I have my Browsers and Powermarks arranged on the desktop?

A: This document was originally sent to all initial subscribers by email but it’s now available here.  It should be understood that this is simply a recommendation for desktop layout. Some individuals may feel more comfortable working with only one browser at a time, while some may push it to 3. Whichever makes YOU most comfortable. Remember, what makes this entry method so fast is the sweepstake entry forms are all provided right to you, with no searching or reading rules.  If you are over 18 and a US resident, you will qualify for all sweepstake entry forms presented to you right to your desktop one after another.


Q: This seems to revolve around a bookmark engine, in other words – it won’t look like I am coming from Online-sweepstakes.com to enter any sweepstakes? If so, that’s great!

A: Yeah, great feature isn’t it! It’ll appear to the sponsor like the link was coming from an email or even better “no referrer”; which is perfect!!!!


Q: I just want to enter sweeps, not subscribe to a quicker method of entry, I just want to enter!

A: Thus the browsing sweepstakes pages on the site, you will be able to see and click to all of the same sweepstakes provided inside the FREE low power subscription with NO downloads or installation of any kind, just click and enter. To get there just click Sweep Lists on the left menu. While we feel the organization and speed of entry provided within the Powersweepstaking application just can’t be beat, sometimes, and maybe everyday, you just want to browse and enter, so browse and enter!!!!


Q: I’ve signed up, but I’m not receiving any email from Powersweepstaking.com about my services

A: Check your email to make sure you’ve received your Welcome Email within the first few hours of subscribing. If you find the Welcome email or email confirming your login and password in your junk, bulk, or spam folder you absolutely must-


Add [email protected] to your safe sender list or address book, or click the “not junk” button if provided. If you don’t, Powersweepstaking email will continue to arrive in your junk folder and you’ll never forgive yourself.


AOL and Microsoft Outlook users must follow the directions below.


AOL: If you’re not receiving Powersweepstaking.com in your AOL account, follow these steps:
Login to your email account.
Open your Address Book.
Add [email protected].


Microsoft Outlook: If Powersweepstaking.com mails are being automatically marked as Junk E-Mail-
From the “Tools” menu, select “Options.”
On the “Preferences” tab, click the “Junk E-Mail” button.
Click the “Safe Senders” tab.
Click the “Add” button.
Type “powersweepstaking.com” (no quotes) into the field in the popup window, and click the “OK” button.
Click “OK” on each of the previous pages to exit the Options windows.


If for some reason you don’t receive anything in your mailbox or spam folder, your Email Provider has major issues and should seek professional help! Please sign up using a different email address or tell your IT guy to get with the program and stop blocking email from Powersweepstaking.com!!!


Q: The download of the daily file doesn’t seem to be working.

A: This problem is being reported by a group of individuals that use Firefox or some other branded browser like MSN or AOL’s. Switch to Internet Explorer when logging in and everything just works!


Q: Ok I have everything on my desktop according to your document but when I click my powersweep program it brings up a new window and loads into that It doesn’t load into the windows I have carefully placed on my desktop

A: Great question and this seems to be a quirk that “rears it’s ugly head” when least expected with no apparent changes to software settings made, but the answer for when this does happen is this: Within powermarks, choose from the menu “view” then “options” Head on down to your browser type, make sure that “Always open in New window” is NOT checked. If it is not, and you use IE then change the communication method, select and try DDE first.
On occasion you may have two browsers on the desktop but powermarks insists on using only one of them. This fix is to close the browser that is being ignored by powermarks, then go to a link in the live browser, the one that powermarks seems to prefer and right click any link on the page, then choose “open in a new window”, this second browser will now work with powermarks.


Q: i don’t know how to run/use the powermarks program/software.I have powermarks on my desktop,however when i open it,it shows ‘my favorites’,instead of sweeps to enter. It’s a shame, because i really love to sweep! Thanks for your time.

A: 5 or 6 steps, slowly, lets take them one by one, just email me from the support page at any step you’re stuck or have questions.

1)With powermarks open, go up to “file” in the menu. choose “new”. (this step alone will always clear your Powermarks program, there should be nothing in it now…)

2) with your browser go to the page with the link for your daily download: https://www.powersweepstaking.com/support.html It’s the 3rd link down on the right side. Up comes a request for your login and password. Enter these, and a page opens with files containing dates. Only choose one, the one with the latest date. Double click it, and in your browser should load a bunch of links to sweepstakes, pretty much all text, and really ugly stuff… It’s ok though this is a data file and should be ugly. Don’t click any of these links. I know you’re tempted and that’s ok, but we’re not doing anything with this as is in the browser…. We’re going to save all this to a file on your computer and then open it in powermarks. So in your browser’s menu up top find “file”, then “save as” and save this file. Remember where you have saved it to, your desktop or any other directory wherever you please. For now close your browser and let’s now work with the Powermarks Program.

3)You’ve already clicked “file” and “new” to clear Powermarks, that was step 1, now click “file” then click “open” and find the file you just saved in your browser. Up it opens into a huge list of sweepstakes on the right side, and on the left side is a directory of categories(macros). Don’t enter any of the sweeps on the right side just yet, they’re not organized in any way, you need to enter a category first.

4)Double click a category on the left, and on the right should now open a list of just those type. Daily, one time etc., Let’s choose Weekly to start, double click the Weekly category and on the right side the weekly entry sweeps scheduled to be entered today are there, you’ll see today’s DAY of the week, SATURDAY, or SUNDAY, but only today’s day. If you see more then one day, you’ve loaded 2 files on top of each other and didn’t click Follow step #1 to start fresh.

5)Double click a sweep on the right in the list and up it comes right to the entry form in your browser. When you get good enough at one browser, then move to using two browsers with the desktop configuration email I’ve sent you, and now you’re Powersweepstaking.

6)After you’re done with the Weekly category, try the one time Entry category, or your choice, double click it, same procedure, go down the list of sweeps you should be entering today.


Q: I found a setting in Powermarks under options. I clicked on the reload last open file check box under options start up. If this is unchecked then it does not reload yesterday’s file when you open up the program. I didn’t see it in your instructions (I may have missed it) but I thought I would point it out.

A: Awesome find and alternate procedure to clicking “file” then “new” when starting each new file day!



this is interesting, a subscriber found this to increase greatly her rate of entry…. her original email to me is below, but the way it works, is you double click a category like weekly entry, and from the right side of powermarks as it never seems to be covered by the browser as you proceed, right click each sweep and choose “open in new window”…. open 50 sweeps at a time if your computer can handle the memory requirements… thought EVERYONE WOULD be interested in this speedy find… here’s the original subscriber email: Thanks Ron. I actually opened all the weekly’s up at one time, in seperate browsers. The opened about 12 windows with daily’s. I did this by on the right side of the Powermarks, I highlighted the sweep to enter, then right mouse clicked and clicked open in new window. You can open as many windows as your computer can handle this way.

Q: Can I just delete the ones I’m not interested in & I have sweeps that I enter all the time and they are not on your list. Since I have to load the new file everyday, how can I bookmark them and keep the ones deleted that I deleted yesterday ?

A: There is an alternate method to clicking “NEW” each day in Powermarks and will achieve just what you want. It is for advanced users, email [email protected] asking for the advanced method of Powersweepstaking.