March 1st list of Instant Win Sweepstakes

TODAY is TUESDAY MARCH 1ST, Powersweepstaking presents a dozen different categories(links are down the left margin), 100+ sweepstakes to enter TODAY! 

As a visitor you’ll have limited access, ONLY competitions that end within the next week or so. Oh, I’d say about 10% of the sweepstakes made available to subscribers. Subscribers have ALL 1,000+ sweeps, sent direct to email, updated every day & AN ENTIRE DAY EARLIER then you see them posted here on this page. Posting here ONLY IF, again IF, I find the time on any given day(not every day do I find an extra 2 hours for desktop publishing to update this and other pages on the site). For EVERY DAY GUARANTEED updates, you’ll need to subscribe to the POWERSWEEPSTAKING DAILY NEWSLETTER! Now everyone, MAC, CHROME, TABLET and SMARTPHONE users can feel organized with their entry process! New sweepstakes added daily, expired sweeps removed; weekly and monthly competitions organized so they’re not seen again by you until next week, or next month. We do all of the organization so you don’t have to! For you there’s no more work searching for sweeps, reading rules, finding entry forms or going off your focus on entering.Click through for more info!

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$ – ONGOING ONE DAY CONTESTS @ PLAY EVERY 3 HOURS A prize is awarded after completion of a set of questions when you click the “Show me my prize” button. $50 cash prize each day



$ 2016-03-07 $5,000 CHECK, EVERY WEEK!



$ 2016-03-15 2016 K&N Horsepower Challenge Sweepstakes, win a new 2016 Toyota Tacoma.



$ 2016-03-16 Grand Prize $2,500



2016-03-09 – VSP EnVision Exactly ten (10) Instant Prize Winners will receive an Instant Win Prize, consisting of one (1) $25 iTunes gift card. Sweepstakes Grand Prize consisting of:Apple Prize Pack including an iPad (16GB) and a $100 Apple gift card

P.S. This is just a small percentage of today’s complete collection of sweepstakes to be entered TODAY! Read more CLICK HERE on how to get your hands on the complete list!