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This blog is restricted to Sweepstakes that will begin soon or just began for maximum entry potential. You can, and will, win one of these if you enter consistently… Just one day’s missed entry in a 30 day entry period means you have a 3% less chance of winning by missing just one day’s entry, 6% less chance when two days of entry is missed and so on…

Visit the numerous sweepstakes blogs and lists available here at PowerSweepstaking.com including:

  • Sweepstakes & Contest Answers from around the Internet
  • Sweepstakes Winners lists from all around the Net
  • Sweepstaking News & Press Releases from around the Net
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Powersweepstaking.com is so much more then blogs!

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At Powersweepstaking.com you can visit 16 different category lists of sweepstakes every day including:

Enter this list everyday, day in and day out for your best chance. Expired sweeps are removed each day.
Enter just once today, then again everyday for an all new list. A great source for last minute entry sweepstakes!
Enter this list by sending regular mail to the sponsor.
You will want to note the time you entered each day, enter yet again after 24 hours.
You can come back to these on an hourly basis, some allow for unlimited entries.
This is a list of sweeps for children. The age requirements and entry frequency are both noted in the description.
Enter this list everyday, each day of the week will present a new list, then repeat again next week, with new sweeps added. Great way to stay organized with your weeklies!
Enter this list everyday, each day of the month will present a new list, and repeat again in one month, with new sweeps added. Great way to stay organized with your Monthly entries!
Complete the task they require. Included in this category are making videos, recording audio and writing essays all requiring an investment of time. Many say this type of contest has the BEST odds to win!
Enter this list of sweeps just once in your lifetime. Included in this category are many of the author newsletters, among others.
Enter this list everyday, day in and day out for your best chance. Expired sweeps are removed each day.
Fantasy contests, sports pick’s, and many of these will pay some serious amounts of $$ if you win..
Enter this list of companies requesting your participation in Surveys. Sweepstakes entries for every survey completed, others simply pay $$ for completed surveys!
Requiring a code to enter, usually obtained through purchases. Many times codes can be obtained by mailing the sponsor and requesting them.
Meet the special requirements by the sponsor within the rules. All requirments are outlined in this list so you know at a glance if you qualify!
Sweeps that require you enter your list of Referral email addresses. Many of these work the more referrals you have and enter, the better the odds of winning. If your personal referral list is wanting in numbers of friends or is just plain nonexistent, feel welcome to join the¬†“Powersweepstaking Referral Friends List” in our Forums


These are all tools every sweepstaker will profit from, the Big lists of sweepstakes, blogs of answers & winners and yet still, there is even more. That is, the actual Powersweepstaking method of entry into sweepstakes!

Powersweepstaking revolves around a process of entering as many sweepstakes as possible in as little time as is available to you (i.e., ten minutes, half hour, hour or even 4 hours and more). An entry process that very simply, centers around a small bookmark program you download and install just once. All lists of sweepstakes like the ones presented on this site are loaded by you into the bookmark program from a single file you download each day.

subscriber Tiza…

“…first day with full powersweeps, …amazed how many sweeps I zoom(ed) through in record time. I think back how I have been entering lately, …VERY sidetracked in the sweep groups/boards, rules, etc. ..this helps keep me on track. ..bit burned out lately, this has helped motivate again. …was spending more time browsing than actually sweeping”

ALL 16 categories of sweepstakes lists are presented within the application in such a way, that you will have the ability to enter at rates of up to 200 sweepstakes an hour. In just 10 minutes, you should enter 30+ sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes lists presented above, are exactly the same as those you will find within the Powersweepstaking subscription, not a single sweepstake is left out. Without a subscription, by browsing the lists, you will find all of the HIGH ARV PRIZE SWEEPSTAKES other sweepstakes sites may exclude you from unless a premium member. We present these same sweeps in list form above for your ease of browsing & entering.

Try the Powersweepstaking application/method for FREE now! The login is easy and anonymous. Simply download and install the two small programs in the download area of the login page.

Do it now! Head on over to the login page, no sign-ups, logins are anonymous, download the free trial daily file, open the file in the Powermarks bookmark program and start entering sweeps in a much quicker way then ever before. (All instructions can be found in text files once you login).

Benefits of the powersweepstaking application over entering through lists, or email groups, as well as web sites and message boards is quite simply, the high speed of entry and the outstanding organization.

Sweepers though sometimes love to browse, dream about winning and then enter, use the lists for just that purpose…. UPDATED DAILY!

For the Powersweepstaking.com High Speed Sweepstakes Entry application’s Login page¬†CLICK HERE

See how it can help organize your Sweepstakes entries and achieve Sweepstakes win after Sweepstakes win! Imagine organization of all your sweepstakes entries, like never before. Guaranteed, this is the fastest method of sweepstakes entering available on the Internet today!