Sweepstakes: The Power behind mass entry!

Hello & Welcome to Powersweepstaking.com

This site’s mission;  you will start then continue onto the path of winning sweepstake after sweepstake.  One rule applies when entering  multiple sweepstakes:  each entry has an equal chance of winning as any other entry.

subscriber Tiza“…first day with full powersweeps, …amazed how many sweeps I zoom(ed) through in record time. I think back how I have been entering lately, …VERY sidetracked in the sweep groups/boards, rules, etc. ..this helps keep me on track. ..bit burned out lately, this has helped motivate again. …was spending more time browsing than actually sweeping”

PowerSweepstaking is winning sweepstakes through entering more, while becoming more efficient. It is a faster sweepstakes entry process then any other that exists today and will allow you to obtain many more entries over less time.  Double, triple even quadruple the number of entries you complete per hour or each day, weekly or monthly.  Imagine 30,000 entries each month or 1,000 per day.  If you believe the rule mentioned above as being true, then the more entries the more wins.

subscriber jtreece “…Just wanted to let you know that this Power Sweepstaking is great. I have been in sites before that organized sweeps and they were nothing like this. Thanks for starting us up, It is GREAT. .”

Powersweepstaking accomplishes many more sweepstakes entries in less time, you expend less energy by not requiring search or reading of rules for any sweepstake you enter.  With Powersweepstaking you are ALWAYS entering, NEVER searching for that next entry form.  In order to avoid reading rules using Powersweepstaking to it fullest, you must be 18+ and a USA citizen as all contests featured within will be for this age and citizenship.

subscriber photogirl “…a cigarworld win…. I finally got a win (Marmot jacket) from backpacker.com after literally years of trying! I do give credit to your program for both as it really does make me more consistent in my entering. I have a strong tendency to get sidetracked online.”

Time is to valuable to be spent on sweepstake searches when each entry has an equal chance of winning as any other! Your available sweepstaking time should be spent ONLY entering.

subscriber jaxjen “…You have a GREAT idea here. …I cannot keep up
with all the legwork required every single day, adding, saving etc.
You do all that I don’t want to do”

A good idea, if you have not already, is to become a member of sweepstakes mail list groups much like those I belong to, as mentioned in the email testimonies above.  Another option are online sweepstake websites. Both are fantastic when used as motivators to enter more contests.  These sites and groups illustrate daily how people really do win, and win big. They also serve as good indicators as to which sites sweepstake winning seems to be more prevalent.

subscriber ctrevino “…this is really great. I definitely prefer this system to any other online or desktop based system that I have worked with. Good Job! I was just thinking the other day that I really needed a program to work from instead of the hunt and peck method I have been dealing with. I am way too lazy to do that way for long.”

Monitoring sweepstake groups and sites for new sweepstakes to enter is NOT a very efficient entry method.  Significant organizational skills are required if used in this manner.  Many times sweepstakes will be posted more then once which inherantly increases the chance of duplicate entry ensuring disqualification. Sweep sites tend to be heavily advertisement oriented.  Seemingly very cumbersome if used for the purpose of searching, then scheduling sweepstake entries.  Other sweepstake sites may even enter contests for you, in lieu of your visiting the sponsor site, these sites should be avoided at all cost.  Sweepstake sponsors prohibit most entries into their sweepstakes in this manner, also known as auto entry, calling for immediate disqualification.

“…Thanks! I was just playing around with the program and website to see how it was all working… I’m very impressed with the program and will be upgrading shortly. I’m already very successful at sweeping but always looking for a better and faster way and I think I have found that in your program/system. Thanks again Tisa”

Absolutely the most effective method or path to winning is to spend the majority of your available time entering, pursuing nothing but entering one contest after another. In it’s most basic form, the quickest route from point A to point B is indeed a straight line. This can only be accomplished when a daily schedule of sweepstakes to enter, along with a link directly to an entry form are provided to you.  This is the true beauty of Powersweepstaking, one click on the day you’re scheduled to enter, the entry form opens, and you submit. Done! Powersweepstaking does the organization and the scheduling for you, all you do is click to open, click to submit, one after the other!

Beth C. “…I was just soooo excited about this new program you’ve offered I couldn’t wait to get started. I’ve always been in awe of you and the prizes you win and have always wondered how you did it!”

Do please allow me to introduce myself, the name is Ron Miller.  Many of you might already know the name, I’ve been heavily involved in this hobby for nearly two decades.  If you do not, simply visit any major sweepstake list, group or site, and simply lurk or better yet, ask.  Over the last five years, I’ve merged a twenty year occupation in marketing with my hobby of sweepstaking, developing a database containing thousands upon thousands of web sites.  Sites primarily using sweepstakes as a major form of advertising and marketing.  With my background in sales and marketing I understood how effective sweepstakes really can be in increasing sales. Sites with current sweepstakes receive visitor upon visitor, some arrive directly onto the site for simply the sweepstake entry.  Most sweepstake sponsors don’t mind the hobby, though many do.  The fact remains, there is no more effective marketing tool on the Internet today then “viral marketing”.

Sweepstakes is the definition of viral marketing.  A company need only announce a sweepstake through advertising on TV or press release, and thousands if not millions of visitors arrive onto the site.  Visitors then proceed to mention it to their brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers; by telephone, email or posting the location to sweepstakes groups and sites.  HGTV, Pepsi and many others are examples, but nearly every company small and large, realizes  the benefit of implementing sweepstakes onto their web site.  Some offer such variety, they may have a specific web page on their site announcing new promotions, as one contest ends another begins.

The last few years the database of sites that I have developed has taken on quite a “life of it’s own”.  In coordination with other available tools, I found I could become notified very quickly, almost immediately as new contests were being posted onto any of these sites.  Adding these to my daily schedule of entering, I found myself capable of nearly one thousand sweepstake entries a day.  With 100+ new ones everyday.  Working full time as VP of Sales & Marketing for a local Internet Service Provider in Michigan, provided only limited time for entering, maybe two to three hours an evening at most.  I developed this method I now call PowerSweepstaking out of necessity.  In both 2004 & 2005 entering only 2-3 hours each day, I was awarded nearly $40,000 in prizes and cash. This year(2006), I find myself more then 1/2 way to $10,000 with several months left to enter remaining.  I resigned my sales position six months ago (see me here) with the prospect of quadrupling last year’s prize awards. I am THAT certain of the Powersweepstaking method,  I essentially traded the Power Tie for Power Sweepstaking. Resigning my position and the Powersweepstaking method combined, now allows more time for entering, with more time for family and less time commuting!  The decision for me to make Powersweepstaking available to the public  arose when I realized this method is completely duplicatible.  Any individual with any available amount of sweepstaking time can now use this method of entry.

Amy M. her first day “…I found the 2 browser method is working pretty good …even tried 3 for a bit and that may work out even better, then realized my day is half over, need to get some studying done ..oops ..what can I say, I’m an addict=) THanks for a great program..”

If you have little amount of time to enter, or are new to this hobby, Powersweepstaking.com is making available to you Free of cost a 1/2 hour to 1 hour schedule of sweepstaking each day.  This is provided in order that you may see the potential of Powersweepstaking when used at higher levels of subscription.  Over 200 sweepstake entries each day, provided to you, FREE of charge.  The potential: spending 2, 4 or 6+ hours each day (all very low cost subscription prices), WILL lead to winning on a more consistent basis, and a substantially higher dollar amount in prizes.  Remember the rule where every entry has an equal chance of winning as every other.  You must agree then with more entries the more you win.

subscriber mom2_5boyz “…Hi, Ron thank you for the great program it is so awesome the best I have ever found. I sent payment by paypal to upgrade for full power. please keep up the great work..”