Last Minute Sweepstakes

This blog is restricted to Sweepstakes that end within the next 24 hours. Last minute Entry for that last resort chance of a win. The list here can be a daily entry, monthly entry or a One time only, doesn’t really matter the classification if it’s the last day! doh! But the list here will only contain Sweepstakes not already included in the Daily files available to Full Power Subscriber Service at If a sweepstake is found within the Full Service subscription file, it will not be listed here. To find out more on how to subscribe, visit today!
You can win big with one of these if you enter from here consistently… I generally advocate entering sweepstakes as often and as quickly as possible, but if a sweep is not found in time to do just that; you can’t win it if you don’t play it, so grab that one last chance at entry… If you use this list to enter a sweep, leave a comment, let us know our efforts are put to good use! CLICK HERE If you haven’t seen, you really need to! Its much more then just this blog! See how it can help you achieve Sweepstake win after win! You will attain organization of your sweepstakes entries like never before, and it is the guaranteed fastest method of sweepstake entering available on the Internet today!