Other Games

Although we are a guide to card games on Belgian online casinos, this does not mean that we are completely closed to other games you might find on online casinos! It is in this spirit that we wished to add descriptions of different sets of Chance available in online casinos. We have classified them by type of games so that you can go to the one you like the most!

So we have a bit of everything like lottery games, table games or other card games from online casinos. We’ve taken the time to explain everything from the rules to the origins of the games to the strategies you will have to take to get positive results on the online casinos that offer them!

  1. Lottery games

We want to remind you that lottery games are the newest additions to online casino game libraries! Indeed, who would have known that we would have had the opportunity to find lottery games like bingo or keno online in our online time! That technological progress is much more important than we could have hoped! We are going to let you know because we can understand that for some players this ad is too beautiful to be exact!

We will present you the two lottery games on the online casinos that are the most popular with players, but which are also the ones you will find in abundance of the majority of the toy library of the online casinos! We have dedicated a section to online bingo, including some tops about its origins and specificities online. Also, know that the same process will exist for keno in online casinos!

  1. Online slots

They are a category in their own right. These roller games have an effortless mode of play. The slot machine is now available in many forms and hides many secrets. To know all the tricks that will make you the master of the “Spin” button, read our dossier on the subject!

  1. Table games

If lottery games are not your thing, you won’t have to worry because you can always count on table games. On our guide, we chose to put the spotlight on the online roulette game. The reason for this choice is that you will be able to discover a lot of variants of this game in online casinos. You can take full advantage of this game by taking into account all the rules of this game and its options. To have access to our roulette game overview on online casinos, we invite you to click here!

  1. Other card games

Of course, the card games we mentioned in our previous articles are not the only ones you will be able to find on online casinos. Indeed, know that these are rare card games, in comparison with other somewhat unavoidable card games that you will be able to find in online casinos. So we’re going to add two card games that might interest you like Three-Card poker or Pai gow poker!