photogirl on 2/9/06 had a whole lot to say about sweep groups, rules & burnout…Yesterday was my first big day with the full powersweeps and I am literally amazed at how many sweeps that I was able to zoom through in record time. As I think back to how I have been entering lately, I was getting VERY sidetracked in the sweep groups/boards, reading all the rules, etc. The program definitely helps keep me on track. I was getting a bit burned out on sweeping lately but this has helped motivate me again. I think I was spending more time browsing around than actually sweeping. “ oh yeah and on 2/7, just before she upgraded to full power from the free low power Thanks Ron! I was just playing around with the program and website to see how it was all working and when the daily downloads are available. I’m very impressed with the program and will be upgrading shortly. I’m already very successful at sweeping but always looking for a better and faster way and I think I have found that in your program/system. Thanks again and I wish you much success! Sincerely, Tisa “

Amy on 1/21/06 Thanks, Ron…..I found that the 2 browsers is working pretty good….even tried out 3 for a bit and that may work out even better, but then realized my day is half over and I need to get some studying done….oops…what can I say, I’m an addict and wouldn’t have it any other way…..lol…=)

THanks for a great program and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
Amy “

chevybelair1 says ..Got the hang of it now. This is really cool!.”

ginny said..Working great, when I have time to enter. Great job Ron, thanks so much!! :-).”

Sherry D. says ….There is no comparison <Powersweepstaking vs the program called sweep> as to which is faster, when someone else is supplying you with the sweeps & you need not be concerned with reading the rules.”she then follows with:“...I also love having it arranged so I can enter the “Big Prizes” first. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed out on extra entries, not having it sorted by prize. And of course we all know, missed entries means missed shots at winning.

Marge says: “...a whole lot faster than my turbo<sweep>

Deborah S. remarks “…Everything is fine.I have been meaning to let you know I love this program and the way you have it setup.I get busy sometimes and can’t get to it.But this has been a life saver on finding sweeps and filling them out.”

buckyandtux remarked Thanks. After the first day it seemed pretty easy to use and I think I will find it to be a real time saver.”

Jeremy R. breaks through with a win and says Its taking me a bit but im starting to get used to it. Im loving it so far. With all the ones that you have to register with etc. Pretty soon it will be second nature to me.”